The FAQ Which Throughout The Years I Have Experienced:

Will the colours remain or fade away with washing?
These are high fired ceramics and all glazes (colours) are intact, will not fade away.

Could we use them in microwave or oven?
Yes all products can be used in the microwave and are oven safe too. You may use them according to their size from 20 seconds onwards.

Do they get stained?
The products do not get stained with turmeric or any food color's. They do not contain bone ash during the manufacturing process.

Are they dishwasher safe?
Yes all products are dishwasher safe and easily rinsible with soapy water too.

Are these stackable?
Yes, many products are stackable, like the plates, bowls, few tumblers.

Will these fit into the fridge?
Yes, they are so designed that they fit into the fridge, the tableware, as well as you can directly heat them into the microwave as soon as you take them out of the fridge. Better if you give 30 to 40 seconds so that both the food as well as the container is calmed down.

Are this breakable/ do they break?
Yes, these Break, as we also get hurt (they might crack if tumbled down) will break if thrown, so let’s handle them carefully, gradually we learn sophistication.

I have kids at home, they are naughty, they break things, don’t you think steel and plastic is better?
Our reply is if you break it once, accept it, next time you will handle it carefully, take extra care, more sophisticated you will be in day to day life and relations too. Steel yes, is unbreakable but sounds every now and then, do u like to hear it hurt now and then?