About us

We all are related to clay in some aspect or the other. This relationship with giving a fired form to clay begun in 2009.

Clay Aesthetics had an instant rapport with clay, and few early years were spent in and with the flow candidly trying to pursue a mastery and understanding of the new love. Early on, Clay Aesthetics was lucky enough to sell the works of other artists within India.

Early so it became clear, it was not easy to dough the clay with hands (where resources were meagre), and people supported themselves making their art. In 2012, Clay Aesthetics finally made the leap into full-time production house on a small scale working solely for others, only customized designs.

It has been, and continues to be, an incredible journey where we are constantly challenged by the chosen medium to always be better, learn more, and to meet the peculiar demands of being a full-time small-scale industry in the very
competitive ceramic world. The Aesthetics in Clay, the very natural form is simple: to make products that are functional, colored and beautiful, part of everyday life.

The products are all handcrafted, aren’t very perfect as we all are, but continuously striving to be one, that shows in the products with the glazes being variegated just as our lives.

Easily caught up are the glazes falling down and sometimes just perfect lines giving us the happiness to have completed a task so perfectly in our lives and striving to do more, to take another leap forward, and just falling apart.

The falling down and rising has given patience to create new designs once again being normal, while also deeply practical.

By purchasing product from Clay Aesthetics, you will help sustain the rural trained women artisans, age old traditions of handmade artistry. As we train village women to the art of pottery, with each purchase we are protecting urban movement and contributing to rural India development.
The production is completely carried out within the company, from design, clay shaping, crafting, finishing, colouring to kiln firing.

We want our work to transcend, our customers to experience various colors in clay. The more we experience clay in our day to day lives, the more we tune into the nature, to see all around us, each day, in places we never thought we could find it in kitchen, table, dining, sitting area, terrace, bathrooms, garden anywhere at Home, outdoors, and Aesthetics in all forms.